Ficus progression: A tree that defines the norm

I looked through my collection this morning and noticed that Ficus’ are taking over. So, I decided to share the progression of one of my Ficus trees. This tree has a nice story. I got it in a chocolate container from my grandmother is 2012. Since then the tree has changed a lot. One of the reasons why I am showing this tree is that when it comes to thickening the trunk we all want to plant trees in bigger containers. With this tree I was amazed at the results I got from planting it in a small container. Within 5 years the trunk thickened from 20 mm to roughly 70mm.

In the picture, above to the left (first photo) you can see the tree was one of two trees given to me. The tree on the right is the one that I will be focusing on in this blog. The photo to the right is the tree’s trunk as I received it.

In 2014 I planted the tree into a small sowing tray and placed the primary branches of the tree. I removed a few of the branches that did not fit into the design.

I repotted the tree in December of 2015 into a bonsai pot. A year has passed and you can see that the trunk and the base of the tree has thickened up nicely.

January 2016, I trimmed the tree. I took photos of the tree to enter a competition.

September 2017 I left the tree to grow.


November 2017, As the tree is now. I trimmed back some of the branches. I also wired the top of the tree as the branches at the top was going in all directions.

This tree will probably not be entered into shows or club events in the next two years or so. There is still a lot of work that needs to go into forming this tree, but it’s on it’s way to greatness.



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