Forest Progression: The story of five trees.

I’m busy preparing for our yearly club show. Choosing trees, cleaning pots and removing weeds. One of the trees that I want to show for the first time this year is a tree that has a very special place in my heart. It’s a group planting that consists of five Syzygium australe ‘Brush Cherry’ trees. I planted this group setting in memory of my wife’s grandmother whom is no longer with us. She was laid to rest in September 2013. A week later I planted this group of trees. There are five trees, each one of them represents a love one she left behind (my wife, her sister, her mother, her father and finally our daughter).



Here is the tree in September 2013 right after i planted it for the first time.



In 2014 I removed the wire and pruned the tree. I removed the wire to early, so I had to pull the branches down with a guide wire.


Planting in 2016. I do not have any photos of the tree in 2015. I cleaned the pot ,fulled up the gravel and oiled the pot.


Replanted the tree in 2017 on a slab.

The group planting is finally ready to be shared. I posted a short clip on social media with a 360 view of the tree.


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  1. Ur work is such a huge inspiration to me…
    Bonsai to me is a art not for any1. The trees tells its own story after u’ve done all the work. Keep going Romano… Soon u’ll be opening the doors to ur own bonsai shop

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