Bonsai show November 2017

The journey leading up to the bonsai show has ended. I want to thank everyone that followed my blog as I prepared for the show. I have a few photos that I took during the show that I would like to share with you.

This year I entered 14 trees. Once you past the beginner stage and you are part of the “open category”, the competition is must more challenging and the people your up against has years experience.

Here are the photos as promised:

As you can see I entered a lot of small trees. Most of the trees I entered got an average of 50%. The forest I featured  a while back got 73%. It was my highest ranked tree in this show. This year you where rewarded if you entered more that 3 trees in the show.  You would receive a little plastic smiley face that you can add to the tree that was awarded the highest points of all the trees you entered. I received good feedback form friends and other club members. The one thing that motivated me the most was the fact that everyone told me that the trees I entered this year was better than the ones I entered the previous year.

For me that was rewarding enough.



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