Black monkey thorn tree in need of a hair cut.

The festive season is upon us and all the tasks that I set out to do, well let’s just say they are not done yet. Everything is so relax and I have more time on my hands than usual, which is a great thing but because there is no time limit and I can leave things to the next day. By leaving them I do not get them done at all.

Its summer and temperatures have reached 35 degrees. We are in the biggest drought in decades in the Western Cape, South Africa. I have lost a few trees and need to sacrifice a few more just so that I can keep my develop trees alive till winter.

It stays warm and lighter outside longer. So naturally my family and I spend more time outside as its cooler outside. I looked at my collection and saw that my black monkey thorn tree that I repotted earlier this year was in need of a hair cut. I left the tree to grow out to regain its strength.

The tree before I pruned it back.


The tree after I pruned it back.


There are a few projects that I am planning to get done before my holiday comes to an end. Stay tuned to be the first to see the wonderful creations that I have planned.

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