Keeping a promise. A young trees journey: “from a nursery plant to a feature tree in a garden”.

On Sunday I worked on a young Juniper that has moved to the back of my mind. With the water restrictions in the Western Cape I’ve been pressured to reduce my bonsai collection.  This is not something that one does willingly. I have a story for every tree and how it came to be part of my collection.

So I have decided to make good on promises I made to friends, colleagues and family. My cousin recently send me photos of his garden and asked if I had a tree that I can give him that he can use as a feature in his garden. Naturally I wanted to help. So I committed to giving him a tree. He told me that the tree would be outside in the sun all day. I suggested a pine or juniper. He replied and said he knows something about junipers. Now it’s up to me to source one.

The garden.

I must say I was surprised at the beauty in the simplistic design. Well balanced and pleasing to the eye. I could not have designed it better.

I have a few trees that I could have given him but I would rather give him a newly shaped tree that he can grow and trim himself. If he still has the tree in a few years from now I can give him another one or if the tree needs more work I can help him with that.

The two photos above shows the tree before and after I worked on the tree. I will be repotting this tree in September into a bonsai pot. After that I will be handing the tree over in December to my cousin. This tree still has a long way to go before it will be a established bonsai tree but I think it would be a great tree for my cousin to start with.


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