#bonsaiupdate: I just uploaded a time-laps of a Celtis Africana I styled a week or two ago.

I just finished editing a time-laps of the first styling of a Celtis Africana I bought a week ago to sell in a few years time. I call this tree Celtis 1. It’s not my first Celtis but it will be the first one I will be selling.

Here are a few more trees that I have been developing for the purpose of selling:


I have aready replanted them in shallow containers and I am now busy working on their branch structure and ramification.

It might take a few years to develop. I am not trying to sell trees for the sake of selling. I really want beginner to get stock that can be developed further but has already been worked on as this will be a better place to start as starting from seeds or nursery stock is a bit more difficult.


Here is the video:

Hope you enjoyed this video.

Please feel free to leave your comments below.




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