#Bonsaiupdate: Stone Pine update and a brief overview on what to do with used wires.

I must say I’m impressed with the amount of new buds that the tree has produced after the initial styling. I treated the tree with Oleum Tuesday last week and it still looks like the tree is covered in oil. I like the lush green look that Oleum gives the trees.

Here is a close up of the tree. You can see that the tree is showing signs of growth. The weeds in the bag are also starting to be more visible.


All the branches are still in place and where I wired them to be. I just hate it when you wire a tree and it gets a few knocks and then everything is out of place. I make sure to hide these newly wired trees in plain sight. Under the cover of the other trees and benches.

Talking about wire. I saw this mess on my table yesterday and I decided that I need to straighten up this mess….

I saw a video a few months back were these guys where bending old used bonsai wires straight again. I thought this would be a good thing to try. My daughter help me with this huge task. I have never done this before and I always wonder what I could do with the wire that I removed form the trees. There are a few wires of good length that can be used again but its not straight so when I need it I just use a new wire.

A few hours later…


Must say it’s not easy bending used wire. I used a vise grip to secure the wire in place. I would then place the other end of the wire in a long nose pliers and wedge it against a number of screws that I placed ever two centimeters along my workbench. The five millimeter wires were the hardest to bend straight. After a few minutes you get this natural rhythm going. A few more minutes and you wish the wires were done.

My hands where aching and soar just below the thumbs as that is were most of the strain was placed when bending or rather pulling the wires straight.

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