#bonsaiupdate : Juniper nana a gift to my cousin

This morning I gave this little tree a quick trim. I like looking at my trees in the morning on my way to work. If I see that there is time left to work on a tree I just grab the tree that’s the closes to me and start working on it. My wife hates this. The reason being that I loss track of time when I’m working on #bonsaitrees. I have been late for work once before because I was working on a tree before work… Luckily no noticed. My late is still 30 minutes before anyone else. Smiley face. The only reason I’m that early is so that I can get to work without being stressed out by the traffic. That’s a story for another day.

Back to the tree I worked on. Here is a before photo.
This is the tree after a light trim.

I just trimmed the tree as the visual weight of the tree was moving away from the trunk. I find when training junipers they send out new growth closer to the trunk if trimmed back regularly. This is a good thing as this provides me with more options. I also use this time to trim of growth that goes in the wrong direction. This id called #directionalpruning . I like this as you do not get the ugly marks of wires that you forgot on a tree to long or marks from removing the wire to fast. The method used by cutting a tree to shape is also known as the #clipandgrow method. There are a few different opinions on these methods but I will not bore you with the long and pointless arguments. I will say that there are good trees that have been shaped this way and it take a bit longer than applying wires to style a tree.

I normally use wire to do the first few major stylings of a tree. After that, when the structure is set I will then just prune the tree regularly. This has helped me produce very nice looking trees. Every now and then there is one branch that just wants to reach for sunlight then I have to strap it down with a few wire just to remind it where it should be.

After I trimmed this tree this morning I noticed an area on the tree that was damaged last time round when I removed the wire.

Was a bit upset about this but it gives the tree more character. Now I want to incorporate this into the design. I used a craft knife and cleaned up the deadwood around the scar. It does not have much of an effect now. Later as the tree ages more I will add more scars to it or I might just extend this one will see how I feel. I want this to be an simple tree but now I see that this is not what the tree wants…

After I was done working on this tree. I saw the tree that I bought with this one. Have not worked on the tree after initial styling and the wires were biting in. Here is what I decided to do with the tree.

So as you can see in the video above I have a lot of work tonight.

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