#breakingnews. The Last tree I will be working on for the season… Not to worry there is some good news in the blog.

This is the image of the last tree that I will be styling in this season. I have ran out of trees in need of styling and pruning. This truly marks a sad day for me. When I saw my trees I thought that I would be busy for months to come. In this blog I will be talking about the tree in the feature photo and letting you in on my progress with my nursery.

This tree was seen better days but I will not be giving up on him as long as his leaves are still green there is hope.

Here is a video on the work that I did on the tree.

This is a photo that I took after the tree under went a heavy pruning session:

It looks worst then it is. I have styled a number of trees using this technique. It does take longer than bending branches in place. When using this technique you dependent on the tree and the growth on the tree as well as the weather conditions. You can’t plan to far ahead as sometime branches die or some branches develop slower than others. If branches are not in the right place you need to wait for the tree to bud back and if branches break you will have to allow the tree to heal over the wound before you focus on other areas on the tree. See below a wound that I had to wait for:

Here is a photo showing close up details on one branch:

For now I’m done with this tree. I will be trimming this tree more regularly now to work on the ramification.
IMG_3930.jpg These two trees will have to live side by side for a few more months. I will post an update on the two trees as soon as I separate them.

If you commit and work hard then things get done. What is lined up for the next few blogs? Well as mentioned earlier this month things are looking up for my nursery. I got my first investor and the money is in the bank. I will be on leave from the 25 June til the 03 July 2018. This gives me more than enough time to work on getting things ready for the new venture. I have already located the stock and will be buying them in next week. I do not have a date yet but I’m confident that it will be in next week.

I am busy mapping out the area where I will be caring for the new trees. I will be separating them from the trees that I have in my private collection. Seems to be the obvious thing to do…

Hope you enjoyed the blog and hope to see some of your comments below.




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