Then there was one left… Can you spot the next tree in line to be styled

This morning while I was busy watering my trees I had a great idea. I thought that I would see if you can spot which one of the trees I bought earlier this month I will be working on later today. I have worked on two of the three Junipers so there is just one left. I took a lot of photos of the tree before and after I worked on it.

If you think you know which of the Juniper in the following photo I will be working on share it in the comment section below. I will be share the correct answer with you tomorrow when I reveal the work I have done on the tree.
The trees are all marked with a circle and a letter to the upper left side of the circle. I know that in this photo it is hard to see the tree from all angles but if you look at the videos I posted with the blogs you will be able to make a informed decision.

Tomorrow I will be sharing something new that I have wanted to try when filming the work that I do on the trees. I am really excited to see what the results are going to be. I have been shooting with my phone up until now and felt that it was time to up my game.

Hope you check in tomorrow to see what I have done. Please remember to comment below and choose the tree you think is the last one that I will be working on.



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