Quick video before I post the full article on the #winterpruning I did on this Celtis Africana.

I finally committed to work on this tree. It took me a full thirty three minutes to complete the pruning on this tree. I mentioned in a previous blog that I would be wiring some of the smaller branches into place.

Before I started to work on the tree I tested a few of the branches to see how strong they are. They were still flexible but they are very thin. I decided to form the finer ramification on this tree using the clip and grow technique. If I applied wire to the small branches they would thicken up really fast in spring. Getting wire off after the tree is filled with leave will be a difficult thing to do as you can see that the branch ramification in dense. Damaging leave and new tender branches.

I had to prune the tree quite hard. There were a few dead branches in between the small branches.

I will be posting a detailed blog on the work I did on this tree later.

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