No time to beat around the “bonsai”.

It’s been a while since I uploaded a blog. I must confess I have been neglecting my bonsai the past few weeks. We heading into the last month of winter and we still have level six water restrictions. I really hope that we can fill our dams and take the pressure off the local municipality to provide solutions by taking matters into our own hands.

The past few days I have not spend a lot of time with my trees. I watered them and that was it. I am currently busy preparing for a half marathon this weekend so much of my time is spent in the gym and on the road. This week is the last week before the race so I’m kind of taking things slow and resting. I adjusted my training so that I can break my personal record of 1:45 on a half marathon but at this point I would be happy just finishing under 2 hours.

The tree in the photo above is the a tree I dug up a few weeks ago. It looks as if the tree is doing well.
To read more on this tree please click on the link below:
As you can see in the feature image and the photo above trees are starting to grow and wake up after sleeping through the winter. Some of them never really went into dormancy. Due to the weird weather conditions.

In September when our spring official starts it would be interesting to see how much of the trees have grown or changed by then as they are a month to early. The effects off this will only be known later in the season.

Hope you enjoyed the short update. Please feel free to leave you comments below.


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