Day 08 of #lockdown2020: Finishing off the week strong.

Heading into the weekend I worked on the last few trees for the week. You can really start to see the difference in the garden. There is more space and it feels way cleaner than a week ago. If I look at the bonsai trees now I want to work and spend more time with them.

Some of the trees that I have work on earlier in the lock down are now starting to show signs of growth. It is Autumn now and most of my deciduous trees have yellow leaves on them and some of them have already thrown off their leaves. It is truly a beautiful sight to see all the leaves in the garden with different colors.

This is just one of the many trees that have started to throw off their leaves. This tree has also out grown the container it is in. I was busy cleaning up the pot and removing the weeds from the pot when I spotted a small crack in the pot. I then looked closer and saw that this crack ran all the way down the back side of the pot. I used my tweezers to feel the roots in the container and the pot is filled with thick roots. I will be re-potting this tree as soon as possible. Ficus trees can grow in small containers but they fill up the pot with roots very quickly so re-potting them often is a good idea. You can use this time to cut back the root ball to leave space for new roots.

These two trees were a gift from my grand mother. I re-potted them in January into bigger growing containers. The summers here get very hot and the winters are cold and wet so the only way to manage the two extremes is to plant the trees into bigger growing containers. I still use my same soil mixture but the bigger container allows the soil mixture to hold more water.

That’s it for today. Tomorrow I will be making a video on how to clean you bonsai tools so do not miss tomorrow’s blog.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to leave your questions and comments in the section provided below.


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