Day 13 of #lockdown2020: A unproductive day in the garden…

Day 13 of the #lockdown2020 and it was by far one of my least productive days yet. I spend the whole morning looking for opportunities and trying to figure out how I was going to get through the next few weeks without any income. Part of my solution was to start expanding my blogging site. To do this I will need additional funding so I have created a page on my website for those of you that wish to contribute towards this expansion.  I will also be launching a few online courses to help with raising funds. After my third cup of coffee and a few hours behind my laptop I finally got up to work on my trees.

By that time it was just after 15:00 and the day was pretty much over so I only worked on one tree. I took me 45 minutes to get rid of the weeds in the growing container of my Ficus Benjamina commonly known as the Weeping fig. As the leaves on the tree looks like they are deprived from water. Taking care of this Ficus specie has been a challenge. I have had to change the way I approach the styling when it comes to these Ficus’.

They do not like to be trimmed back to hard and they also tend to die back if you trim the new shoots to only one pair of leaves. Over the past five years I have tip toed my way through caring for these trees by kind of letting them style themselves. Bending and shaping older branches are a challenge and need to be done with the utmost care. The branches are stiff and very brittle and this gets worst as the tree ages.

Here is a branch of a Weeping Fig I planted in a growing container as the branch was busy die off about a year ago.
Strangely enough the branch started to grow. I am growing this branch so that I can graft it onto the original tree in the coming growing season. This will be the first graft for me on a Ficus Benjamina.

I am happy to announce that I am still on track when it comes to my #lockdownchallenge.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to leave your questions and comments in the section provided below.


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