Ficus Bonsai Exhibition at Babylonstoren 2023

Last weekend I went to visit the annual bonsai exhibition at Babylonstoren. I love going to this exhibition; not only do you see great bonsai trees on display, but you get to experience the beautiful gardens at Babylonstoren. The collection displayed some of the best Ficus bonsai in the Western Cape.

This year the curators of the exhibition swapped the entrance, so you entered from the top left corner of the garden next to the greenhouse restaurant, entering the Pofadder(Exhibition Area) from the head. Some of the trees on display this year are the same as last year, with a few surprises. Having the same trees on display two years in a row is a bonus, as you can gauge the tree’s progress by comparing it to the previous year. Here is last year’s exhibition video if you need to refresh your memory.

Now that you are all caught up with last year’s exhibition, it’s time to get to this year’s exhibition. If you had watched the previous video, you would have seen that I walked through the exhibit and showed close-up shots of the bonsai trees at the end of the video. So this year, I mixed things up and tried to add close-up shots as I walked through the exhibition.

Here is the Ficus Bonsai exhibition 2023 video.

If there are any exhibitions you know of that you would like me to visit, let me know. I am always keen on going on a new adventure.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to leave your questions and comments in the section provided below.




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