I created this page to share my experience and help other bonsai beginners get the help they need to achieve new heights. I have been doing bonsai for many years now and feel that I have learnt enough to share my knowledge with the rest of the world.


It has been a long and lonely road but after I joined a local bonsai club about few years ago I come to the realization that through community one can learn more. I’ve been very honored to learn from the older and more experienced members of the club. From a far I always thought that they will never share their secrets and special techniques with me but to my surprise they are more open and willing to teach the younger and more enthusiastic bonsai artists what they know.


The first advice I received was not to grow my collection to fast. This seemed odd at the time but since then I have came to understand what they were trying to say. As I now realize that more is not always better. I’m now refining my collection and reducing it in size. Came and join me as we grow a community where we can share ideas and topics on bonsai. #teambonsai

I do not know everything there is to know about bonsai but I invite you along for the journey. Hope you will be checking the site regularly to stay updated with the latest news and projects that I will be sharing.

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