Black Monkey Thorn #videoupdate

IMG_3801.jpgI mentioned that I will be removing the wire from this tree yesterday in my blog.
But fist here are a few pic’s:
Read more on the tree here:

#bonsai update : Black Monkey Thorn show prep.

It was a shorter process than I initially thought. In the video you will see me getting pricked every now and then. The removal of the wiring was no more than forty five minutes. I could not unwind some of the wire from younger branches so I cut them of that speed up the process.

Tonight I will be working on a Ficus that is designed in the root over rock style. I will be removing parts of the container holding up the soil mixture around the root thus revealing more of the roots.


This was the tree earlier this year. I has grown and has a bigger canopy now.

Hope you enjoy the video. Please feel free to leave you comments below.



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