Final preparations for the show

Last night I tried out a few different ways to display my trees. I spent a lot of time changing and moving trees. I added accent plants and flat pieces of wood.  Here are a few of the accent plants that I used for my displays.


I have learned that looking at a display for a distance helps me to see everything in perspective. If you are to close to the setting you tend to miss out on the overall picture and stay stuck on small details. What also helps is taking photos of the settings. I can then look at these photos afterwards and decide which of the accent plants works with the display. By doing this I have records of the placement of  all the items in the display setting.  I then use the picture to set up for the show. Here are a few trees in their display settings.

You will see that not all of the displays have accent plants in them.  You need to keep the focus on the bonsai or the main item in the display. The rest of the items must compliment the main item. I was tempted to add accent plants to all my displays but then they were to busy. Looking at it from afar I realized that some of the accent plants were to overpowering.

Another thing that I can caution is the usage of colors in a display. What do I mean by this? It is important to keep in mind that the display stands you place your trees on do not attract to much attention. Try to stick to natural dark brown colors.


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